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Welcome to Peterson Technologies

We are the leader in global IT solutions that will maximize your

company’s potential. We are your trusted partner.


Data Analytics.
Decision made clearer.

Data analytics will make you discover a more efficient data-based decision-making solution

that reduces costs and work times and presents results like you have never seen before.

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks. Make decisions based on reliable data. Build effective

management models based on KPI and KSI. Automate complex calculations and analysis

and visualize your data interactively and online. Find trends to help your business grow.

Data Analytics

Custom Software Development. Systems fit for you.

Find the right solution for your business. Take your productivity further with single solution software possibilities that fit your needs.  And if 

you already have a software and need help in updating, our experts will identify your needs to take your business to the next level. We will

always find what´s best for you.

Software Development

Blockchain Solutions.
Traceability made secure.

Easy to understand, easy to incorporate. Blockchain technology makes storing and

accessing information easier than ever, and risk free. Secure your transactions, put more

reliability to your services. Explore new ways to incorporate technology and be secure. 

And that´s just the start.


Geoprocessing. The perfect view.

Geoprocessing makes it easy to manage and analyze geographic data. Use it for crop or stock monitoring,

property appraisal, fire detection, management decisions, and more. Our tools will allow you to compile

and visualize data to create new data.


Knowledge made easy.

eLearning makes it easy to learn. It´s more appealing, engaging and most importantly,

effective.  Our team will help you select or develop learning materials that turn

information into clear, interactive content for students to learn at their own pace. No

excuses, no limitations, no matter where you are, just sign into the platform and start



At Peterson, we take pride in our numbers.

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